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Where To Rent A Car In Singapore

Apart from having one of the best transport systems in the world, Singapore also offers a wide range of rental services for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and more. In particular, you can rent car brands from America, Europe, Japan and more. With one of the safest, exciting and jam-free roads, you can explore Singapore comfortably through a car. From cafes to nature parks, you can visit these amazing places and food with your family and friends. In fact, Singapore has some of the hippest and amazing local and international food. Some of these foods are exclusive to Singapore and generally more affordable compared to the rest. Fortunately, there are plenty of car and rental options across Singapore to meet the demand for convenience.

In fact, car rental services are especially popular during festive events as renting a car allows us to visit our relatives and friends easily when we are travelling in a larger headcount. During these events, some car rental services will be more expensive compared to regular days due to the increase in demand. The car rental service has also expanded to include options such as pay-per-use and weekly flash deals to cope with the rapid demand for car rental services.

With sharing services such as bikes, taxis and cars increasing due to the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and more, the Singapore government has taken the effort to encourage Singaporeans and companies to come together to share their resources. In fact, schools have even started to teach students the importance of sharing in order to get them more accustomed to the idea of sharing.

If you are moving to Singapore and thinking about renting a car, keep reading this article to learn more information about renting a car in Singapore and the types of car rental services to suit your needs.


Where To Rent A Car In Singapore

For international car rental services, you can rent, collect and return the vehicles across Singapore. These international car rental services are available for booking online and are popular among tourists. Although it is generally more expensive compared to the others, it comes with membership deals, partner offers, corporate privileges and more.

Cheaper and more popular compared to international car rental services, local car rental services are also available. They offer everything from single day rental to one-month rental services. These local car rental companies also provide a range of vehicles such as SUV, sedan, MPV and more. In fact, the local car rental companies are generally more popular among local Singaporeans due to their affordable pricing and short term need of using a car without wanting to bear the car as a liability. Similar to the international car companies option, you can check out the prices and rent a vehicle online through the local car rental companies’ webpage or mobile applications.

For individuals with a specific car brand and model in mind, you can opt to rent a vehicle via a car distributor or manufacturer. As Singapore offers everything from local to international car brands, you can rent from these reputable brands. Though less common than renting from local and international car companies, going through car manufacturers or distributors allow you to choose and rent the full range of vehicles.

With an abundance of car rental companies to choose from, it will be beneficial for you the eligibility requirements and the rental options.


Renting A Car In Singapore

1. Short-Term Car Rents

One of the most popular and common car rental options, short term car rents are especially appealing for families and singles during events and festivals. With an abundance of car types to choose from, you can choose anything from a five-seater basic sedan to a luxury branded car. The rates for these cars can range anything from $50 to $950 per day and can be for usages from personal to special occasions. However, the rental cost will be higher when the rental duration is short. Do take note that the prices may fluctuate during events and festivals such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and more.

2. Long-Term Car Rents

Another car rental option is long-term car renting and it can range for anything more than a month. This long-term car rental option is also known as car leasing. In fact, a one year contract or longer will be cheaper. However, be mindful that this long-term rental option incurs penalty costs when you break the lease.

3. Eligibility Requirements

Before making the next step to renting a car, you have to make sure that you are eligible to rent a car in Singapore. Some requirements are age limits where you will have to be at least 23 years old, probation, international driving permit for expats which will require you to present either a valid driving license in English or an International driving permit. For certain luxury car brands, you will need to meet minimum age and experience requirements.