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Where To Shop For Groceries In Singapore

Whether you are a new expat thinking about making the move to Singapore or currently living in your home country, grocery shopping is a part and parcel of your lives regardless of how deprived of time we are. Moving to Singapore, you are fortunate enough as you will be able to enjoy the tons of supermarkets and convenience stores available in Singapore. In fact, these supermarkets and convenience stores in Singapore offer international and local foods.

Apart from the brick and mortar stores in Singapore, you can even shop for groceries online and have them delivered to you at the comfort of your home. Renowned as one of the most technologically advanced countries, most companies and people in Singapore are embracing technology. As a matter of fact, the number of mobile users is considered one of the highest compared to its counterparts in Asia. While grocery shopping can seem like a chore for many, there are plenty of supermarkets and convenience stores in Singapore that is around the neighbourhood. With the abundance of grocery stores in Singapore, you will be spoilt for choice as some may offer affordable prices while others may focus more on quality and more.

Due to its rich culture, there are still some wet markets in the neighbourhood where you can shop for traditional foods such as handmade ngoh hiang, fishes, vegetables and more. Something cool that differentiates it from the more modern supermarkets and convenience stores are the local delights that sold at these wet markets. Some of the local delights include nasi lemak, laksa and more. In fact, these wet markets generally sell foods that are cheaper compared to regular supermarkets and convenience stores. Despite its slightly “old” look, these wet markets are here to stay as they give a glimpse of Singapore’s past and have some exclusive items that are unable in the “modern” supermarkets.

If you are intending to make the switch to Singapore, keep reading as we will be giving you more insight about Singapore’s grocery scene and some grocery shopping places that you can add to your list when you and your family move to this place.


The Grocery Shopping Scene In Singapore

Considered by many as one of the most developed countries in the world, particularly Asia, Singapore has become one of the visited countries in the world. Apart from its fun shopping and nightlife experience, it has one of the most diverse food cultures in the world.

Due to the rich cultural heritage, the supermarkets, convenience stores and wet market carry a wide range of food. All these grocery shops are visited by the various race in Singapore which brings about convenience and safety, unlike its neighbouring countries. The grocery shops carry both traditional and modern foods and serve a wide range of customers. While most neighbourhoods have a grocery shop nearby, there are international grocery shops located in the upscale parts of Singapore such as Orchard Road, Vivocity and more.

In recent years, there have been more international supermarkets such as a 24-hour Japanese supermarket and others that have arrived on the shores of Singapore. These international supermarkets are popular among both locals and expats and easily accessed via the train or bus. Due to the extensive and reliable transport system, you can get around in Singapore with ease. Alternatively, you may consider booking a taxi or other ride-hailing services that are equally as safe and reliable too.

With so many choices available, it is important to get a good grasp of the grocery shopping scene in Singapore so that you will know where to shop for the best food at the most affordable price.


Grocery Shopping Spots In Singapore

1. Local Supermarkets

Probably one of the most common and popular places to shop for groceries among the locals and expats, there is an abundance of local supermarkets such as Giant, Fairprice, NTUC conveniently located across Singapore. These local supermarkets can appear in shopping malls or in your neighbourhood. However, some local supermarkets may carry certain products that may be unavailable in others due to the location it is in. The prices and food quality are generally of the utmost quality and carry an extensive range of products such as milk powder for babies to fruits. When moving to Singapore, a local supermarket is one of the many places you should visit as it carries plenty of groceries.

2. 24 Hour Supermarkets

As with most Asian countries, there are plenty of late night foods and entertainment options, and this extends to grocery shopping as well. In fact, some 24-hour supermarkets include a Japanese supermarket chain which sells mainly Japanese snacks and groceries as well as some local foods. If you want to get a taste of the multi-cultural scene, you may consider visiting Mustafa Center which houses a wide range of local and international foods. Similar to the local supermarkets, these 24-hour supermarkets carry a wide range of products such as shavers to premium quality meats.

3. Online Shopping

Not spared from the grocery shopping scene, companies have even set up online grocery shopping options in Singapore too. Utilizing much of its tech-savviness, you are able to shop for foods and products with the use of a mobile. There are even promotions and delivery date and time that you can select. The products sold online are equally as extensive as its offline stores, including alcohol, household items and more. Plus, buying in bulk can save you quite a bit too.