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Where To Sing In Singapore

From pop to jazz genres, all of us love to listen to music and watch music videos. In Singapore, there is music from many languages, with English and Mandarin heard most often. Most of the time, we will sing along with our favourite music and artists when the radio plays the music. Moving to Singapore, you are fortunate as there are plenty of places to sing such as the karaoke, at home or mobile karaokes. In fact, you can find these karaoke places around your neighbourhood, shopping malls and more.

Renowned as one of the most modern cities in the world, Singapore has some of the best entertainment, food and places to visit. In recent years, there have been entertainment acts from international artists and musicians who have performed to sold-out crowds in Singapore. Despite its size, Singapore has also produced some great musicians who are capable of singing both English and Mandarin. Since then, the interest in music has grown contributing to more music competition recently. These music competition are held by the local television channels, who are hoping to find the next music talent. In one of the busiest and popular streets in Singapore, Orchard Road, there is also a line of street buskers who perform and sing various songs.

Besides the late night shopping and food, Singapore also has one of the best singing spots that run till late at night. In these “karaoke”, you are spoilt for choices as there is a wide range of music ranging from local dialects to modern English and Mandarin songs. In fact, these karaokes even allow you to order add-ons such as foods and drinks. The karaokes in Singapore are also well-kept, safe and generally affordable. Apart from young adults, some of the karaokes in Singapore are also child-friendly and can be seen frequented by youths and more.

If you are interested in making the move to Singapore, read this article further as well we be giving you more insight about the karaoke scene in Singapore and some singing spots you can consider visiting when you and your family migrate to this city.


Karaoke Scene In Singapore

One of the most developed countries in the world, particularly Asia, Singapore offers plenty of entertainment options. One of the most entertaining activities to do in Singapore is singing karaoke, and you can do it with your family, friends or colleagues.

Considered as one of the most popular night activities to do in Singapore, you can plan a trip to the karaoke to celebrate a friend’s birthday, bond with your colleagues after dinner or just let your hair down after a long, hard day at work. When you visit a karaoke, you can discover both you and your friend’s hidden singing talent by catching up on new songs that have just released or reminisce with old songs.

These karaokes in Singapore are usually conveniently located, with some affordable and of considerably quality around the neighbourhood. There are also karaoke studios with more services, comfortable seats, games, buffets and others located in more upscale places. In fact, some upscale karaoke studios come with themes, buffet lunch and memberships.


Karaoke Spots In Singapore

1. Central

Considered as one of the most common and popular spots to sing in Singapore, visiting a karaoke around the city area such as Bugis, Orchard and more is an experience that you should not miss out. Open till late, these karaoke spots usually serve an extensive range of food and drinks, sleek furniture and more. There are also various rooms that you can book from such as a VIP, deluxe, themed room which houses games and a whole list of amenities. Compared to the other karaoke outlets across the island, karaokes located in the central area are generally more expensive than the other parts of the island. If you want to be able to get a room, consider calling their hotline or book online at least one week in advance.

2. East

Located in the shopping malls or around the neighbourhood, some of the karaoke outlets around this region is considered more affordable. Similar to most karaokes, they usually open till late through the night. In fact, some of the karaoke places here have set lunches or buffets. However, some karaokes in this region allow you to sing at an affordable package during off-peak hours. Considerably easier to get a room compared to the central region, it is still better for you to book at least three to five days in advance.

3. At Home

If you are tired of heading out to sing, you are able to sing at the comfort of your home. In Singapore, you will be able to enjoy some of the best online shopping experience. With an abundance of online platforms, you are able to purchase a set of karaoke system and device and bring the party home with you. Alternatively, you can purchase them via reseller websites and more. With some of the most modern homes in Asia, you will be able to enjoy entertainment and a decent environment. If you want some fun, you may consider inviting your friends or neighbours for a sing-along.