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Where To Watch Football In Singapore

They say that football brings us together, and this could not be any truer. Whether you are a hardcore football fan or a partner just accompanying your spouse, watching a game of football drives your adrenaline and brings you closer to one another. With some of the best bars and restaurants, finding a place to watch a game of football by yourself or with your friends is as convenient as it gets!

Apart from the local football scene, football fans are able to watch international football games through the local cable network in Singapore. These football games that air on the television can come from England, Spain, Italy and even The World Cup and more! As one of the most advanced countries in the world, you will stand to benefit from the technologies and digital services that Singapore has to offer. If you have missed out on the game, you can even watch highlights or the entire football game on replay.

If you are making plans to move to this island, keep reading this article as we will be giving you more insight about Singapore! We will also be giving you some tips and spots to watch football games so that you will not miss out on any of the latest football highlights and news!


Football Culture In Singapore

With a galore of activities and entertainments in Singapore, it has become one of the most popular countries in Asia where you can shop, party and play! Due to our roots tracing back our British colonial days, Singapore has formed a culture and huge following for football. In fact, the majority of Singaporeans watch and support international football games from England, while the rest follow the other leagues closely such as the Spanish, Italian and more.

The football culture has extended to the formation of amateur football leagues in Singapore. The amateur football leagues are usually held on weekends, where friends form a team to compete against others. More importantly, the interest in Singapore’s own football teams have developed, where the seats in the stadium become more filled up.


Spots To Watch Football In Singapore

1. Bars

Available across most spots, the bars in Singapore offer food, drinks as well as football games screened on the large television screens. These football games usually feature international games and are aired during weekends and certain weekdays. Besides the football games, the bars also feature other sporting events such as basketball, golf and others. The bars will usually feature the teams that they will be airing in advance, so you may consider checking the websites in advance or give them a call to find out more information. To beat the crowd and avoid missing out on a seat, you may also consider making a reservation online or via phone. If you are planning to watch football till late, Singapore has a huge, extensive and reliable transport system for you to get around! You may consider heading via a taxi or cab if the place is inconvenient. Alternatively, you may consider booking other private ride-hailing services via a mobile app.

2. Hawker Centers

Unlike the bars, the hawker centres in Singapore are generally not air-conditioned. However, this has not deterred football enthusiasts from heading to more affordable options to watch a football game. To get a seat and watch the game, you can just purchase some food or drinks. As it is not as expensive compared to the bars, popular hawker centres or food courts are usually filled up early. If you would like to get a seat, consider heading there earlier to reserve your seats!

3. Home With Subscription Services

One of the most developed nations in the world, you will definitely be able to find all kinds of services to watch football games and other TV shows at the comfort of your home. Gaining popularity of late, subscription services such as the cable services and more allows you to stream and watch the latest games at the comfort of your home. To go along with it, you can also order food while watching it at home or watch the game on-the-go! If you would like to watch these football games without all the hassle, you may consider signing up to subscription services that contract you anywhere from 3 months to a year. Bring the food and drink sesh fun of watching football back home by ordering in! With the abundance of delivery food options and apps to get your favourite food, you can order local delights, fast foods and other international cuisines at the comfort of your home.

4. Sports Stadium For Some Local Action

Despite its size, Singapore also has its own football league, where local teams compete to win the elusive championship. Similar to most of its Asian neighbours, the teams also participate in tournaments and compete on the international level too. If you are interested to check out the local football games in Singapore, you can consider heading to the football stadiums of Singapore teams. The matches are usually held on weekends, with some matches in the weekdays. During certain months of the year, there are even international football games such as the Asian Games and more. If you are an avid football player,  why noot take part in the trial sessions held by local football teams for a spot?