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Where To Watch Shows In Singapore

Regardless of what your background is, chances are that one of your favourite past times is watching shows or you have a particular show you love watching. As we immerse ourselves in the shows we watch, it takes us away from our current self, it serves as a distraction, or even help us unwind from the day’s stresses. From Korean serials to award-winning Hollywood films and local dramas, there is a plethora of on-screen entertainment available in Singapore. Besides finding these on local television and cable services, you can also stream shows online and catch movie blockbusters at the many theatres around the island.

Due to the multiracial society in Singapore, there is a diverse range of entertainment catered for the many races here such as drama shows, movies, music, lifestyle guides, news and more; you can watch some of the best shows on the local television network in Singapore at the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the various cable networks in Singapore for even more choices. The convenience and access to some of the latest and best television programs are bound to make your stay in Singapore worthwhile and exciting for both your family and yourself!

Besides the availability of clothing, foods and gadgets online, television programs and movies are starting to embrace the e-commerce platform as a way to break through the entertainment clutter and reach consumers better. As one of Asia’s most tech-savvy nations, there are many latest shows and movies online to gain access to via your smartphone, smart television or computer. Nowadays, the digital landscape presents us with the opportunity to subscribe or purchase shows and movies online at an affordable price.

If watching shows is your go-to in life for relaxation and you are contemplating whether you should make the move to this place, keep reading this article as we will be discussing where you can shows from and the type of television programs you can expect in Singapore.


Television Programs You Can Catch In Singapore

Offering one of the most extensive television programs on the local television channels, you can watch these free-to-air dramas, movies and more as long as you have a television set at home. The local television channels air kids show, international and local news, original dramas, international entertainment and more. Furthermore, you are able to watch these television programs in languages that are typically in the 4 major languages of Singapore: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Besides the local free-to-air television programs in Singapore, you are able to subscribe to the local cable television network which will give you access to some of the best entertainment worldwide. The local cable television network also allows you to watch international football matches, if football is your jive.

If you are looking for other streaming services in Singapore, you will be glad to know that you can get a hold on some of the most popular media service providers from America, Korea and more. You can subscribe to these streaming services and watch shows on-the-go or at the comfort of your home.

You could also watch musical shows at various art theatres like the Esplanade, Victoria Theatre, The Arts House, The Star Theatre, Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa and blockbuster movies at more than 100 movie theatres conveniently located in shopping malls that pepper the island.


Where You Can Watch Shows In Singapore

1. At Home

Though it may sound boring, you can watch some of the best shows, movies and more at the comfort of your home in Singapore. From award-winning shows to local dramas, you can watch them on the local free to air television channels or cable television network. With a good sound system and television, you can enjoy the latest entertainment series on your sofa. During special occasions such as Chinese New Year or Christmas, you can even catch performances and festive television shows too. If you have a smart television, you can watch free videos or stream videos too.

2. On Your Smartphone

One of the latest trends in recent years due to the increase in the availability of media service providers online, you can subscribe to these services and watch them on-the-go. Comparatively more affordable, you can watch some of the latest shows and movies on your mobile devices. Requiring just a smartphone and data network, you can stream these shows and watch them while you are on public transport or waiting for a friend. Alternatively, you can download these shows or movies at home and watch them later. This way, you will not use up any of your cellular data.

3. At The Theatre

One of the most common and popular methods of watching shows and movies, you can catch some of the latest movies from Hollywood or critically acclaimed shows in the world. The genres available at the theatre can vary from sci-fi to horror. In fact, some of the shows and movies come in different languages too. Due to its convenience, you can watch the shows and movies in the shopping malls or at dedicated screening areas. In recent years, there have been more personalized and premium suites that cater to audiences who craved for privacy and extra legroom.