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Why Are Singaporeans Among The Happiest?

Singaporeans consistently rank among the happiest in the world in globally recognised surveys for multiple years now. Happiness, as complex as it is, does depend heavily on comfort and security — whether it pertains to health or finance. With our remarkably high quality of living, coupled with the affordability of basic necessities, this comes as no surprise at all. We have nearly everything we would ever need to live the best possible life here in Singapore. Plenty of Singaporeans often come back from years of travel and realise how much they had missed the quality of life that they had become accustomed to. If applying for permanent residency has been on your mind lately, you probably know why Singapore is such a happy place through first-hand experience, too.


World Class Healthcare And High Life Expectancy

Good health is essential to happiness and, in Singapore, the excellent healthcare system plays a major role in that. While many other great cities of the world lag behind when it comes to healthcare, Singapore rises well above and beyond the global average. Singapore’s healthcare system is often globally recognised for how affordable it is, even as its quality continues to improve and grow. Subsidies and financial programs ensure that we will always have access to healthcare, regardless of our social standing. Singaporeans also hardly ever have to worry about keeping track of medical records since we all have the convenience of an electronic health records system. This also makes it much easier for healthcare professionals to give their patients a more accurate diagnosis and the best possible course of treatment based on our medical records. Singaporeans are now expected to live for as long as 83 years.


A Haven For Food Lovers

The way to a Singaporean’s heart is the stomach, and our country always has that in abundance. Food is hardly ever an issue in Singapore, remaining affordable and readily available to every single Singaporean from every single social stratum. Those who wish to avoid cooking can always simply head down to the nearest hawker centre, any of which offer well-balanced, nutritious meals at an average price of only $4 to $5. Homemakers can easily buy affordable fresh produce from wet markets that are all strategically situated within every heartland. In fact, these are all made possible partly thanks to Singapore’s excellent trade relations with other countries, allowing Singaporeans to enjoy fresh produce imported from all over the world.


Safety For All

Healthcare is not the only aspect that Singapore excels in — our crime rates are so low that we can freely walk the streets without fear. Here in Singapore, you can rest easy whenever your children head to school in the morning. They can safely take our public transportation without incident since all our buses and trains are well-equipped with a security system that effectively deters anyone from preying on them. In fact, the implementation of unforgiving laws allows all law enforcement officers and the justice system the perfect combination of deterrence and strict enforcement that help ensure that Singapore is always safe. Our laws may be tough, but given how rare crimes occur in Singapore, they clearly work. Besides, we are so cared for in most areas of our life that Singaporeans are less likely to resort to crime in the first place.


One Of The Fastest Broadband Internet Speeds

In today’s technological era, what else could possibly make people happier than fast internet? Singaporeans enjoy access to the fastest internet speeds in the world, placing us heads-and-shoulders above everyone else out there. With average download speeds of approximately 185 megabits per second, Singaporeans can easily download a whole movie within seconds, much faster than every other country. Productivity is also an all-time high here since employees can easily download documents, research online, and quickly complete all tasks that require the use of the internet. The more productive we are, the more time Singaporeans have to partake in some well-deserved rest and recreation. In a way, an efficient online infrastructure helps us better achieve work-life balance.


Beautiful Urban Island Living

Most of all, Singaporeans are happy because we live in such an incredibly beautiful country. Our urban island environment perfectly melds nature and greenery with stunning architecture. Even the Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are tastefully constructed and regularly maintained to ensure that they remain pleasing to the eye. In fact, numerous constructions in Singapore have been internationally recognised as architectural wonders and these are not simply confined to tourist attractions. An increasing number of residential buildings are gaining worldwide acclaim for innovative architecture by cleverly integrating stunning aesthetic design with thoughtful convenience for all residents. The effect may be subtle and often unnoticed by the general populace, but our happiness index is proof in itself.