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Why Is Singapore Healthcare World-Class?

If you look closely at the map, you will see a little red dot in Asia. In fact, this small little red dot is Singapore! A first-world country, it is renowned for its world-class healthcare, transport, education and more! Compared to its counterparts in Asia, Singapore boasts some of the most efficient healthcare systems globally, medical treatments, medications, world-class environment and value for money treatments.

Despite its size, the Asian powerhouse, Singapore has plenty of hospitals and medical clinics, with healthcare systems that are both public and private. From Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, the hospitals have some of the best surgeons and medical equipment in the world. In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) even ranked Singapore as one of the best health systems globally. Furthermore, it was ranked as the best in Asia, beating Hong Kong and Japan. Due to its world-class healthcare systems and solutions, people from across the world have also come to Singapore to seek the best healthcare treatments.

As with most first-world countries, you will enjoy a high standard of living and medical treatments are widely available. The government in Singapore treats the health of its citizens with the utmost importance, where you are able to enjoy some subsidies when you visit both the local and private hospitals and polyclinics.

Regarded as one of the most advanced countries, both the people and workforce have proactively taken steps in embracing technology and this has even extended to the healthcare sector as well! We will require a deeper understanding of the human body to treat diseases due to the complexity of it. As such, healthcare institutions have employed medical equipment and devices in measuring an individual’s health and the treatment of complicated diseases.

If you are thinking about relocating to Singapore and want to understand more about the healthcare system, read this article further as we will be discussing more on the healthcare system in this nation and the privileges that you will enjoy when you move to Singapore!


Healthcare In Singapore

With the ageing population, more investments are made in the healthcare industry to house more patients in hospitals. Due to this, it has also led to the growth in the pharmaceutical market, which is due to see a boost in research and development investments in clinical trials. With focus increasing on research and development pharmaceutical products, the healthcare in Singapore will see a potential increase in medical devices and laboratory services to treat chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Accessible to everyone, there are hospitals and clinics for you to see wherever you stay. From the western to eastern part of Singapore, there are hospitals such as Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to Changi General Hospital that is open 24 hours. If you are suffering from a slight fever or cough, you may also consider visiting the local polyclinics or private medical clinics that are widely accessible. Some of these clinics are also open 24 hours too. For those who are working, you may consider checking if you are medically insured under your company to offset your medical bills. Otherwise, you may consider getting yourself protected under the various insurance scheme on offer by the insurance companies in Singapore.


Healthcare Facilities In Singapore

1. Government Healthcare Facilities

The government in Singapore has designed affordable healthcare for all through government healthcare facilities! These facilities are designed to provide subsidized healthcare services for Singaporeans, which consists of inpatient services offered by government hospitals and outpatient services offered by the various polyclinics. These government healthcare facilities provide top-notch service and quality and are comparable to private healthcare institutions. Besides providing very good healthcare services to the majority of people, the government hospitals also handle complicated cases referred from other hospitals and neighbouring countries. To get a benchmark on professional medical standards and fees, you may consider referencing it with the government hospitals, where the charges are similar and fairly competitive compared to the private hospitals. Furthermore, the government subsidizes these medical bills. You are also entitled to subsidies and savings through the compulsory savings scheme, called Central Providence Fund (CPF). If you want to find out the location of some of these government healthcare facilities, they are conveniently located across Singapore and are accessible via train, bus and more.

2. Private Healthcare Facilities

Similar to most developed countries, there are private healthcare facilities in Singapore too! These private healthcare facilities are competitive and as good as any in the world in terms of their medical care and service levels. The difference between the private and government healthcare facilities is the service levels and minimum waiting time, though the difference may not be significant. You are also entitled to saving and subsidies via the compulsory savings scheme, called Central Providence Fund (CPF) and get yourself covered under your insurance. If you intend to visit or make an appointment, some of the private healthcare facilities are conveniently located and can be accessed by the train, bus and more.