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Why Living In East Of Singapore Is The Best

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, no other parts of Singapore can compare to the east. Those of us who live here really do have it all, and it is hardly hyperbole. Everything that we would ever need is readily available to an extent where we may not even have to leave the east side for anything. Not only do we have access to some of the best, lesser-known entertainment in the country, but there are also plenty of fine amenities well within reach. It is no wonder at all, then, why so many permanent residents choose to settle down here, too. Wondering what makes the east side such a popular residential area? Here are a few reasons why.


No Shortage Of Entertainment

Boredom is practically a foreign concept in Singapore’s east side. From a multitude of shopping malls to sports facilities available to all members of the public, the east side is replete with a wide array of entertainment. There is something for everyone here if you know where to look.

East Coast Park, The Best Non-Touristy Park In Town

The east of Singapore is home to three main beaches but East Coast Park is by far the best that the entire country has to offer. A regular host to numerous sporting events, such as Xtreme Championship and the Singapore Marathon, East Coast Park is the longest stretch of beach in Singapore. Its sheer length makes cycling truly satisfying, and the sea air makes East Coast Park extremely cool and breezy. If you ever tire of cycling, there are also plenty of food and beverage options for you to kick back and relax with a cooling drink or two. Keep an eye out for the giant sandcastles that often grace the beaches of East Coast Park.

Hidden Cafes To Explore Or Escape To On Your Own

Everyone loves a good, quiet cafe — and there are no better places to find them than the east side! Start with Changi Village, where there are cafes such as Chock Full of Beans and Jacob’s Cafe. The former offers cute coffee art and delicious food, especially its eggs benedict, while the latter boasts 15 years’ worth of experience and raving reviews. The braised pork knuckle is a particular all-time favourite at Jacob’s Cafe.

Shopping Malls Aplenty

Love shopping? From Parkway Parade to the trio of malls in Tampines Central, the east side is the perfect shopping alternative to Orchard Road. Many of these shopping malls feature smaller local businesses that can spruce up your current wardrobe with unique, never-before-seen pieces.

Sports Hubs With Free Facilities

With the sports hubs that are easily accessible by public transportation, the east side also leaves you with fewer excuses to slack when it comes to your fitness routines! Tampines Hub even boasts an indoor running track, where you can run regardless of the weather. Once you are done exercising, you can even sing your hearts out at the karaoke place there or fill your empty stomachs with food at one of the numerous eateries.


Accessibility Via Public Transportation

Not planning to get your own personal transport vehicle when you finally make the move? East side neighbourhoods will not only have access to the Downtown, East-West, and Circle Lines, but a brand new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line will open in phases from 2019 onwards. Known as the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), this 43-kilometre long MRT line will connect nine stations, situated within the East Coast area, to the currently existing MRT network. This will make areas such as Siglap, Marine Parade, as well as Bayshore increasingly accessible by the time the line is completely open in 2024.


Close To The Best Staycation Destinations

The east side is also home to a great many affordable chalets. From D’Resort @ Downtown East to the swanky Civil Service Club @ Changi, chalets are some of the most popular destinations for birthday parties and social gatherings. Living in the east side makes transporting all of your party needs from home so much easier. Additionally, although taxi fares are affordable here in Singapore, you can also comfortably hail one to get home from any late-night events held at one of these chalets at even lower fares since you live in the area.


Availability Of Healthcare And Educational Amenities

Most importantly, there are now plenty of healthcare and educational amenities, situated a mere stone’s throw away in most east side areas. Polyclinics are now strategically located in key neighbourhood areas to offer eastsiders access to high-quality healthcare at affordable costs. In addition, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has plans to open more polyclinics to cater to growing demand. Plenty of public schools are also available in many east side neighbourhoods for you to enrol your children in, as well as numerous public libraries for them to expand their knowledge beyond the confines of their schools. There really is no better place to live in here in Singapore.