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Why Singapore Airlines Stands Out Among Other Airlines

If you are a foreigner aspiring to become permanent resident in this country or a frequent traveller, you are likely to have heard about the highly-lauded Singapore Airlines and why they are, as the airline itself says, “a great way to fly”.


It is Amazingly Convenient

Which traveller does not like fuss-free travel? For business travellers, the anticipated work ahead in the trip makes one disinclined to entertain troublesome flights. Neither does a leisure traveller desire any of it; after all, he/she is going on a leisure trip to relax, not vex over the check-in. With a streamlined ticket purchase system both digital and physical, easy check-in and convenient flight times are some of the reasons why Singapore Airlines (SQ) is rated highly.

To illustrate, the island-state’s national airline has four flights daily from London to Sydney in the summer with departure times at 9:25 am, 11:25 am, 8:50 pm and 10:05 pm. These timings are all meant to be as easy as possible to get to in the morning and after work hours in the evenings. In addition, there are also five weekly flights from Manchester.

When flying from Singapore’s lauded Changi Airport, the London-Sydney flights take just under 22 hours, the fastest route between the UK and Australia. Since the flights arrive in Australia in the morning, passengers are able to get adequate rest and a minimum toll on the body.


The Fleet Flies via Changi

The fact that its fleet flies via Changi Airport, the World’s Best Airport Awards Winner, and calls it its home is enough to put another reason why SQ is one of the world’s best.

Changi Airport itself is a destination, not just for travellers but also for Singaporeans. The 4-terminal complex (as of 2019, and the 5th terminal will begin construction in 2020 to meet increasing demand) will be a transit area so comfortable and cosy people find it hard to believe that where they are is actually an airport and not a mall — there are well-curated gardens of sunflowers and orchids and a koi pond, comfy lounges, free massage chairs and amenities such as retail shops from high-end brands and vintage eateries to a cinema and console-gaming stations.


Restaurant in the Sky

Let’s face it, in-flight food matters to us more than we care to admit. With certain airlines and international border security so tight that some of our favourite foods are not permitted in-flight, our stomachs are at the mercy of airline kitchens.

With an international culinary panel made up of several globally-renowned chefs such as Matt Moran of Australia, Suzanne Goin of the US to create the perfect onboard menu, passengers will be well-pleased 30,000ft in the air.


Bar in the Sky

Being on long-distance flights mean accompaniments to go with in-flight entertainment is an absolute must. Thankfully, the airline provides not just good food but also good booze selected by three renowned wine sommeliers, which includes the famed Michael Hill-Smith of Australia,  so that its passengers can just lay back and enjoy their film.

The wines onboard each flight are not only carefully chosen for their flavour and quality but also for their compatibility with onboard meals and their ability to withstand the physics of flight.


Good Sleep Onboard

Besides the food, being able to get good-quality rest is another very important consideration. Not only does it cushion the impact of a long-haul, but it also helps to make sure you are ready to enjoy a holiday the moment you touch-down or begin your business trip on a good note.

Each of SQ’s commercial aircraft is designed to minimise interruptions to passengers as much as possible; most of their food service is at the front of the craft where noise from food preparation is best insulated.

The seats in the Economy Class are specially designed to provide more personal space even when the seat in front of the passenger is reclined. For those who desire more legroom can opt for their ‘Preferred Seats’. To ensure maximum comfort, the seats in SQ commercial planes are among the widest with the ones in Premium Economy class a step-up at 19.5-inch seat width, and it goes on with Business and First Classes.


Flies the Extra Miles on Service

If you have been on an SQ flight, you will know that they have some of the best service standards in the industry. SQ painstakingly trains new cabin crew for four months, twice as long as other industry players. That gruelling training touches on personal grooming, food service, wine appreciation, mannerisms and etiquette, and cultural sensitivity education.

The airline aims to have each cabin crew able to anticipate customers’ needs and wants before they ask. The cabin crew regards themselves as onboard hosts and the customers as guests at home, trained to pay close attention and looks after each passenger. Even in the Economy Class, the cabin crew walks the aisle frequently to offer beverages and warm towels.



It is only logical for an airline that prides itself in service and flight experience to make sure the experience goes beyond the cabin. For any country, there is much to see, dine and experience to fill several trips — just think Australia, the US and Europe, inter-connectivity with regional and country partners to facilitate passenger travels is important. For instance, Singapore Airlines partners Virgin Australia to connect passengers to other cities and destinations within Australia.