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Your Guide To Indie Film Theatres In Singapore

In today’s world where blockbuster movies dominate the box office, it is hard to find a cinema that screens anything aside from the usual top-grossing Hollywood films. Fortunately for us film lovers, we live in an exciting city that is home to a few off-the-beaten-track movie houses and theatres that play the choicest roster of indie gems, thought-provoking documentaries, and all-time classics. For the times when you do not know what else to watch on Netflix or simply want to venture into a new interest, feel free to check out these 7 unique spots for a true cinephilic journey.


The Projector

A modern restoration of the historic Golden Theatre of Singapore’s yesteryears, The Projector is every film lover’s haven as it offers a diverse lineup of foreign films, cult classics, arthouse shorts, and indies. Known for their interesting curations of movies, this space also serves as a platform for small-scale film festivals as well as themed events that celebrate arts and entertainment. Fitted with 3 cinema halls – Green Room, Blue Room, and Redrum (actually pronounced as “red room”, which is also an easter egg of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining) — and a bar, The Projector is one of the unique cinemas in Singapore that adds a quirky touch to the movie-theatre experience.


National Museum Of Singapore

Museum by day and host to artsy exhibitions from time to time, the National Museum of Singapore also houses a space designed for movie screenings. As a prime venue for arts festivals such as the Voilah! French Festival and the Singapore International Film Festival, cinephiles can expect to view under-the-radar and indie fare from around the world during such film showcases. In addition to that, festival guests can also stick around after the screenings to hear more about insightful retrospectives shared by the influential directors who are invited to the event. Previous esteemed guests include local Director Roystan Tan and award-winning Director Joan Chen.


Alliance Francaise

Known for their comprehensive French language classes, this French cultural centre is also home to a theatre that regularly screens classic and contemporary French films every week. As one of the largest independent film houses in Singapore, Alliance Francaise also plays host to the annual French Film Festival that showcases a diverse collection of the greatest French cinematic works. Aside from that, they also have a Cine Club set up, which screens a French film with English subtitles every Tuesday night. The Cine Club serves as an ideal way for students to practice their listening comprehension as well as a platform for event-goers to learn more about French culture.


ArtScience Museum

Besides hosting breathtaking exhibitions and Instagram-worthy digital art installations, the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands also screens films and documentaries from time to time. Titled ArtScience on Screen, the programme showcases insightful and thought-provoking films as well as dialogue sessions that are free to the public. With an aim to inspire audiences to learn more about how art and science come into play through film, the series features a range of up-and-coming filmmakers from Singapore and across the globe. Presentations for this series usually include featured artists’ showcases as well as specially curated films and documentaries that highlight themes of art and science.



Situated along Beach road, Objectifs is Singapore’s independent centre that celebrates all things photography and film. They also hold an annual film screening series, titled Watch Local, which features an impressive collection of telemovies from the 1990s to 2010s. Held at their cosy rooftop space, the mini film screening festival is free to the public upon mandated registration. Aside from that, Objectifs also hosts Asian Film Focus, an occasional event that showcases an eclectic selection of Asian films from around the region that allow viewers to learn more about contemporary filmmaking within Asia.


Screening Room

Tucked away in the swanky neighbourhood of Ann Siang Hill, the Screening Room combines a bistro, rooftop bar and mini-movie lounge all under one roof. Perfect for a lazy weekend date or just a chill hangout session, this special spot is where you can catch arthouse gems and cult classics over some divine cocktails and tasty tapas bites. Movie screenings take place on Mondays through Saturdays, with two screenings per day.


Peroni Sunset Cinema

Laidback and intimate, Peroni Sunset Cinema is an annual outdoor screening festival that is held at the lazy shores of Tanjong Beach. Best part of this festival? It is a silent cinema that allows you to bid goodbye to annoying moviegoers who cannot seem to stay quiet during a movie. As the film begins after sunset, the audio of the film will be broadcasted to the wireless noise-cancelling headphones that are provided to guests upon entry. Enjoy a relaxed evening by the beach and get ready for an immersive, unparalleled cinema experience. As it is only held over a few days each year, do remember to grab your tickets fast as they tend to sell out quickly.