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Your Guide To Singapore Primary School Education

For many parents, it seems like yesterday that you held your little one in your arms while eagerly anticipating the future ahead for him or her. Resolute to provide the best for your child, you thoroughly find out all the details about different preschool establishments before finally deciding on one that suits his or her needs. However, just when you are starting to get the hang of the preschool education system, you are tossed into a different field altogether, namely, primary school.

A monumental step in your child’s education journey, the selection of an appropriate primary school requires careful deliberation, well-informed research and a certain amount of patience. After all, it’s no longer just submitting your kid’s details at a few prospective preschools and then waiting for the results of the application. With the Primary One registration exercise, comes a series of stages at different point of times that you may have to go through, depending on the selection criteria that your child fulfils. Sounds confusing? Well, to put it plainly — it basically means the likelihood of your kid being accepted to a school of choice is dependent on whether he or she meets the set requirements and priority of admission is given as accordingly. For instance, if you would like to enrol your child in the primary school that you formerly graduated from, chances are that your child will be one of the preferred candidates for admission as compared to others and am able to submit your application within an earlier frame of time.

Hence, this means that children who have no previous kin relations or tie(s) to the school as well as for those who are not Singaporeans or Singapore permanent residents may be given slightly lesser priority for primary school admissions, thus limiting their first pick of schools. This is especially so if they intend to register for renown schools that have a certain amount of academic or co-curricular success. Thus, it’s imperative that they keep this in mind and weigh the pros and cons before selecting a particular school. If you’re feeling panicky about your child’s chances, fret not. Regardless of the various criteria, be rest assured that your little one will still have a chance to attend primary school. However, whether or not he or she gets successfully admitted to their first choice of school is another matter altogether.

Nevertheless, contrary to perception, selecting a primary school isn’t as complicated as it seems. With the right knowledge and consideration of various factors, you will be able to narrow down a suitable choice for your kid. As such, here are some tips on how to go about this process as below.


Factors To Consider When Selecting A Primary School

According to a recent study conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies, a significant majority of parents are content with the quality of primary school education in Singapore. Coupled with promising statistics about the literacy rate of primary school kids in Singapore in 2018, whereby they placed second on a proficiency exam carried out among numerous countries — it’s no surprise how Singapore’s education system is recognised globally and why many parents are keen on having their children experience a Singapore based education.

Therefore, despite the distance from their respective home countries, several foreign parents are willing to send or bring along their children to Singapore for a chance to study here. However, do note that if you have plans to settle in this city for good with your family and are a foreigner, you may want to consider applying for Singapore PR for yourself and your family members. This is so as to increase your child’s chances and priority status of being admitted to their preferred primary school. In addition, if your kid is successfully confirmed as a permanent resident, they will also enjoy the benefits of less expensive school fees at local schools as compared to international students.

Now that you are aware of the benefits, here are some things to keep in mind when picking a primary school:

Proximity Of School From Your House

Although it might be tempting to choose a primary school for your child based on its acclaimed academic status, you are advised to factor in the commuting time as well. This is because if the school is too far away from your house, this means that your kid and you have to get up earlier in the mornings in order to arrive on time. Thus, this increases the chances of your child becoming cranky and exhausted due to lack of sleep. In addition, certain schools provide priority admission to potential students who live near them, so this will be a good thing to leverage on, if you are currently staying near any primary schools.

Whether It Fits Your Child’s Likes And Preferences

Ultimately, your kid will be the one who is attending the school, so be sure to choose an institution that is to his or her liking. For example, if your little one is interested in drawing, perhaps consider sending him or her to a school that is well versed in the arts. This will provide your child with the opportunity to further develop his or her talent and boost their motivation to attend school regularly. On the other hand, consider sending them to international schools if he or she likes interacting with people from different cultures or racial backgrounds.

Consider Sending Them To Affiliated Schools

If you have a particular secondary school institution that you would like your kid to attend in the future, why not consider sending them to a primary school which is affiliated with it? It will aid in easing some of the worries experienced when selecting a secondary school in the future as their application will be prioritised as compared to other external candidates.