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Your Guide To Singapore’s Cat Boarding Houses

Every cat owner can relate to the anxiety that comes with leaving their beloved cats behind. Cat owners sometimes find themselves rooted to one place because of such worries. As someone thinking of permanently moving to this island, you may be wondering how safe your cat is going to be whenever you do need to travel. Worry no more! Singaporeans love our cats, too, and there are at least three cat boarding houses here — all of which are run by passionate cat lovers.


Mutts & Mittens: The Lucky Cat Inn

Located in Guillemard Road, The Lucky Cat Inn is a very popular cat boarding house that offers their kitty clients their own comfortably catified, air-conditioned units, complete with tofu kitty litter boxes. Each cat is charged about $30 for a unit, which also comes with a live camera that allows you to check on your precious little ones at any time of day — peace of mind whenever you travel! Should you require the service, they also offer pet transportation at an additional fee, beginning from $30, from Mondays to Saturdays. You do need to contact them directly for that at least a couple of days beforehand you intend to send your kitties, though.

Mutts & Mittens actually once used to shelter both dogs and cats when they were still situated in Pasir Ris. Since its relocation in 2018, the mittens side of the establishment has now been completely separated from the mutts. Fret not about any of your kitties feeling uncomfortable and afraid of living under the same roof as dogs. The Lucky Cat Inn also provides long-term accommodation for rescue cats whenever they do have the additional space! You may even find yourself sorely tempted to add another cat to your brood if you ever do come down to their premises — and why not? If you have the means to do so, do it by all means. Otherwise, if you prefer lending a hand, you could also offer assistance as a volunteer as well.


Nekoya Cat Hotel

If you are especially concerned about your cat’s health, Nekoya Cat Hotel is quite likely the right place for you. This cat boarding house comes with a strict list of requirements to keep the place as safe as possible for every kitty client. For instance, every cat must be vaccinated within the past 12 months and must not be FIV or FeLV positive. Concerned about your cats suddenly getting pregnant? Nekoya Cat Hotel also requires other cat owners to prove that their little ones have been sterilised if they are over 8 months of age. Every single cat that they take in must also be in the pink of health, thoroughly clean, and free from fleas, mites, ringworm, or ticks. Daily videos of your cats during playtime will also be sent to you!

If you have a kitten, they also take special take of your little baby cat by ensuring that it remains completely separated from the others since they are more prone to falling ill than adults. The hotel also encourages owners to bring along their own cat food to ensure that they do not fall ill from any sudden changes in diet.

You can find Nekoya Cat Hotel in three separate locations: King Albert Park, Paya Lebar, and Outram Park. With a price range starting from $35 per night for short stays, all reservations should be made online up to three days beforehand. You may also be pleased to know that they also offer daycare services for a fee of $5 per hour for blocks of 4 hours. If you do need to be away for more than a month at a time, Nekoya Cat Hotel offers special long-term cat boarding at a fee that ranges from $23 to $25 per night. You are also more than welcome to request to view their premises first.



Located in Joo Chiat, Catopia is yet another cat-only boarding house that provides a separate cubicle for each cat. Similar to The Lucky Cat Inn, Catopia has a live camera that allows cat owners to check on their cats. Transportation is also available at around $50 for a one-way journey. Those of you with more than cats may be able to request for an executive room for all of them to be housed together for $140 per night for a maximum of five cats. If you have more than that, you do need to pay an additional $20 per night for every cat thereafter. This executive room may also house your one cat for all that luxurious extra space. Otherwise, most other cats stay in cosy cabins, lined with cool tiles. Starting from a fee of $38 per night, each of these cabins comes with its own bed and kitty litter box. You can also request for someone to let your kitties out of their allocated cabins to allow them to play.