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Your Guide To Singapore’s Heartland Malls: Part 2

There is just so much to be said about all the shopping our little island, that it can never be limited to simply one article. As such, here is a continuation from our previous part one of this article series. With such a prevalence of retailers around Singapore that ensure maximum convenience and minimum transport expenditure, it is no wonder at all why Singaporeans are among the happiest in the world. Singapore has made great strides in so many aspects that it even shows in the retail industry. How many other countries offer a quality of living this high, so soon after our independence as a sovereign nation back in 1965? Become one of us by applying for permanent resident status, and you too will be able to enjoy the numerous perks that our country has to offer for longer.



Home to some of the most populous heartlands in the country, the northern region of Singapore is also the second largest in terms of land area. Its malls are thus numerous and mostly sprawling in nature, catering perfectly to all the families living in the area that span multiple generations.

The Largest Northern Mall: Northpoint City

One can never discuss shopping in the north of Singapore without Northpoint City. This is by far the largest shopping mall in the region. Originally named Northpoint Shopping Centre, the mall was initially much smaller than it currently is, but was nevertheless an accessible retail wonderland, particularly for residents living in Yishun. Developers have since expanded the old Northpoint building with the construction of its South Wing. Today, residents living in Yishun can enjoy a greater selection of retail outlets and foodies are spoilt for choice. Its changes now even attract Singaporeans living outside of the area, who can easily access the mall within walking distance of Yishun MRT and bus interchange.

The Best Of Woodlands: Causeway Point

Yishun is hardly the only heartland with a large suburban shopping mall in the north. Prior to Northpoint City’s extension, Causeway Point dominated the region as one of the largest malls in the country when it opened in 1998. Although the shopping mall is now dwarfed by Northpoint City, it is still the seventh largest in the entire island and the go-to shopping mall for anyone residing in the north. One would only have to visit the mall once to understand why. Not only does the shopping mall offers over 250 shops, but it is also among the most family-friendly malls in the country. Causeway Point boasts two major playgrounds that are guaranteed to appease your bored young ones — quite unlike the usual one offered by most other heartland malls.



Shopping malls are so prevalent in the north that the North-East region of the island alone demands a section of its own. Pet owners who are still shopping around for a heartland to settle down in Singapore, listen up.

For Dog Lovers: nex

Planning to bring along your family dog when your entire family moves to Singapore? Dogs are usually not allowed in air-conditioned malls here, but nex is in a class of its own. Located in Serangoon right next to an MRT and bus interchange, nex is widely known as Singapore’s first pet-friendly heartland mall. From lifts to escalators, the mall offers a multitude of conveniences that extend to more than just humans. You can now take your pets with you while waiting for your other family members to go shopping by taking them to K9 Park. The dog park is also located right next to the playground, which means you can keep an eye on both your pet and children. Nex extends up to seven storeys, chock full of retail, dining, and entertainment. There is even a public library housed within the confines of the mall itself if anyone in the family is much more interested in quiet reading than running around the open rooftop garden.

Integration And Sustainability: Waterway Point, Oasis Terraces

There are many reasons why Punggol has quickly risen as one of the most populous heartlands in the country. As a relatively newer heartland, Punggol was clearly built with the aim of integrated sustainability and it shows. Situated right next to Punggol Waterway Park is a shopping mall that is aptly Waterway Point, primarily aimed to offer convenient retail therapy to those residing within Watertown, a private condominium. However, thanks to its close proximity to Punggol Waterway Park and Punggol MRT, it has now become a popular mall catering to the needs of patrons beyond simply Watertown residents. Waterway Point is not the only integrated development in the area either. Oasis Terrace also offers a multitude of services to residents in the area, including retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Convenience is truly the order of the day here in Punggol. One can even end a fruitful day of retail therapy by soaking up the glorious sights of the local sunset at Punggol Waterway Park.