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Clients’ Testimonials

“Efficient and superbly helpful. Affordable as they handle process from start to submission. My PR application experience went smoothly. Kudos to the Immigration Solutions team!”

Premmala Manoj, 37
Head of Sales
PR application approved in 4 months


“The Immigration Solutions consultants were very professional throughout. Not to mention how troublesome and tedious it will be to apply on my own, so I truly appreciated the outstanding service delivered by the specialists. Happy that my PR got approved within 5 months! I have even recommended 2 of my friends. Strongly recommend for anyone interested in applying Singapore PR.”

Ishaan Kabir, 33
Senior Events Manager
PR application approved in 5 months


“I did a lot of research on the internet and forums, reading people’s opinions and problems they faced with PR application and the agency firms they have engaged with. I have heard a lot of people raving about Immigration Solutions Singapore professionalism in helping them get their PR application approved so I have approached them for help.

I really appreciate the recommendation and help from Immigration Solutions consultant. She was very helpful in addressing all my issues more than I was expecting. I was really impressed with her knowledge and the tips she has shared with me on the PR application. They are really GOOD.”

Joy Francisco, 38
Business Analyst
PR application approved in 5 months


“My friend recommended Immigration Solutions Singapore to me as he has successfully obtained his PR with them. I was truly impressed by the efficiency they handled my PR application. It was hassle-free as they have helped me from the tedious process of filling up the application and prepared all the required documents. It took only five and a half months to get my PR approved. I strongly recommend this firm to anyone who is struggling with their PR application.”

Milind Khare, 41
Senior Software Engineer
PR application approved in 5 months


“I did not want to waste time going through multiple rejections so I decided to tap on the services of Immigration Solutions. There is definitely many things you need to sort and prepare for such applications – it’s really NO JOKE. Gotta thank the team of specialists who made this entire journey a positive one.”

Zhang Yong, 41
Assistant Director of Engineering
PR application approved in 6 months


“I love how Immigration Solutions consultants are so patience listening to my concerns and queries as I have applied for PR and it was rejected twice. With their help, I finally get to know my mistakes in my past application and they have helped me to submit my new application. I was extremely grateful to Immigration Solutions for helping me get my PR approved!!! They are very reliable and knowledgeable in PR application, highly recommended!”

Rachel Lee, 36
R&D Project Manager
PR application approved in 6 months

*Actual success may vary, based on the individual's qualifications. Immigration Solutions Pte Ltd cannot guarantee that the Singapore authorities will agree with our Consultant's assessment.