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Why are your services so expensive? Another company is willing to accept my case for a lower price.

There are three basic types of companies providing PR application services:

  • Agents

They usually provide services that you are fully capable of doing yourself. They help you fill up your Form 4A and tell you the compulsory documents to provide. These are things you can easily learn online. You get no real value from their support. Why pay for something that you can do by yourself?

  • Consultancies

Consultancies often work the same way as law firms do. They possess the expertise to process your PR application and provide added value in the form of practical advice. Immigration Solutions is the only local consultancy that specializes solely in acquiring Singapore PR and Singapore Citizenship. We possess a significant amount of knowledge and experience that can help you greatly.

  • Law and Accounting firms

Law and accounting firms usually charge more than $5000. Their clients consist mostly of corporate entities. However, immigration is not their main business.

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