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Is It Easy to Apply For Singapore PR?

Singapore is known as Southeast Asia’s most modern city. It is a bustling business hub rife with opportunities for all. The local government have taken actions to attract talented individuals from all over the world to contribute to the progress and developments of the country. This is why many foreigners make the move to apply for Permanent Residency (PR). There’s certainly no lack of benefits for them living in this country.

However, the road to obtaining full-fledged PR is a long one. If you’re not familiar with the entire process, from eligibility to preparation and application, it can be quite confusing and disheartening.


A Complicated Process

If you’re a foreigner and you want to apply for a PR status, this journey can be one big puzzle to figure out. You will need to check your eligibility first, and then prepare a whole stack of documents and finalize your submission.

Once submitted, your application goes to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), where they will thoroughly assess everything and come to a decision. This whole process will take a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 months. It is quite a substantial amount of time.

If you decide to send your documentation in yourself, and if it is unsuccessful and gets rejected, you will have to re-apply and wait another 4 to 6 months. If your paperwork is not done properly and get rejected multiple times, this means it could take many months or even years before you finally get your permanent residence status.


Unknown Factors

Yet another problem of sending in your own application is the uncertainty of the situation. The ICA has a very strict and thorough screening process, where they scan each application against a set of criteria. If you do not know what these criteria could be, you will be severely disadvantaged if you apply on your own.

If you’re not sure if your paperwork is up to standard, it is highly recommended that you consult our friendly immigration specialists. They will be able to teach you about the all the procedures, assist you to prepare all the necessary paperwork, and even help you to make your submission stand out among the thousands of other applicants with a personalized cover letter. With their help, your chances of obtaining an approved PR status will improve greatly and will let you live a comfortable life here in Singapore.


*Actual success may vary, based on the individual's qualifications. Immigration Solutions Pte Ltd cannot guarantee that the Singapore authorities will agree with our Consultant's assessment.