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Why Your Spouse Should Apply for Singapore PR

Starting your life together with that special someone is a big step, but getting your significant other to settle in with you indefinitely in your home country, or one that you are a permanent resident in, is a whole new ball game altogether. If it helps calm your nerves, you should know that the perks of obtaining a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status for your spouse are many. Furthermore, with the government publicly announcing its commitment to increase its population size to meet the labour shortfall by bringing in foreign talents, now is the perfect time to secure a PR for your spouse and start a beautiful life on this sunny island on the right foot.


1. Singapore Citizenship

Successfully applying for and becoming a PR is the only feasible road you and your spouse can take to ride your way to the coveted citizenship. After clocking your PR status for a specified number of years, both of you will be eligible to proceed for a full citizenship application, whereby upon approval, will see the both of you obtain the second most powerful passport in the world and enjoy the same exclusive rights and benefits as locally-born citizens.


2. Property Acquisition

Unlock a myriad of property options when your loved one becomes a permanent resident! Furthermore, PR are offered greater flexibility with regards to their financial preference, where they are able to choose from a wider selection of loan schemes, and not to mention, enjoy a greater boost in their loan approval.


3. Immigration Stability

A valuable perk that is second only to citizens, PR are granted with priceless immigration stability status here. Travel freely in and out of Singapore with your spouse without the usual hassle of additional visas or long queues at the customs. Additionally, he or she may also live and work in this country without any restrictions for as long as they wish.


4. Career Prospects

Successfully converting your spouse to a PR status grants them better career prospects and will allow them the flexibility of switching jobs freely without having to face the unnecessary stress and worry that typically lingers when re-applying for a work permit.

In addition, there are bound to be more job openings and vacancies catered for PR (notice how the bulk of job advertisements states “only Singaporeans and PR can apply”), which often entails a higher remuneration package as compared to a foreigner of a similar experience and position. It also helps that employers in this city tend to give higher priority to PR than foreigners during the hiring process.


*Actual success may vary, based on the individual's qualifications. Immigration Solutions Pte Ltd cannot guarantee that the Singapore authorities will agree with our Consultant's assessment.