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5 Advantages of Acquiring Singapore PR Status

With a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status, you will be given higher priority over foreigners, as well as gain a huge stepping stone to attaining the coveted Singapore citizenship. Read on to find out more about the advantages you can reap as a Singapore PR.


With a Singapore PR status, you will be eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship.

Gaining Citizenship allows you to obtain a Singapore passport and enjoy similar rights and privileges as Singapore-born citizens.


A PR status allows you to reside in Singapore for life, as long as you renew your Re-Entry Permit within your stipulated time frame.

EP / PEP / S Pass / Work Permit holders are tied to their existing jobs and hence, must return to their homeland if permit renewal is rejected or the job is made redundant in the future.


A Singapore PR status gives you more career flexibility and autonomy, enabling you to explore different industries and pathways.

On the other hand, EP / PEP / S Pass / Work Permit holders find it harder to change jobs as they must cancel existing permits and apply for a new one, at the risk of delay or rejection.


As a Singapore PR, your spouse and children (aged under 21) can also qualify to apply for a PR status.

If you’re a Singapore PR, you can apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass or PR status for your spouse and children. On the other hand, EP / PEP / S Pass holders must earn a relatively high monthly salary in order for their spouse and child to qualify for a Dependant’s Pass.


Your parents will be eligible for long-stay visas to be in Singapore with you.

One of the biggest challenges about working and staying abroad is having to leave your parents behind for an extended period of time. You no longer have to be apart from your parents once you acquire a Singapore PR status.

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3 Main Problems of Singapore PR Application

1. Slim Chance of Approval

Since 2009, Singapore government has cut down the number of approved Singapore PR application by 50%. If you submit your application similarly like the rest, how are you going to convince the officials to approve yours?


2. Complex Process

It is quite easy to search online for the procedures for Singapore PR application. However, the whole process is much more complex than you think. One small mistake in your documentation may get your entire application rejected.


3. Tedious Work

A permanent resident application requires a lot of time and effort. There are forms that need to be filled up correctly and documents to be compiled properly. The amount of paperwork can be very overwhelming and disheartening.


Why You Should Engage Us

How We Get Your Singapore PR Approved

PR consultation 1. Expert Consultation

Many applicants fail because they have no idea how the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) screens a Singapore PR application.

At Immigration Solutions, you will learn about the PR screening process and how you can improve the chances of getting your permanent resident application approved.


2. Audited Form Submission

From 18th December 2017 onwards, all permanent resident applications have to be submitted through the e-PR online system and this whole process becomes very complicated.

If you do not know how to answer any of the questions, you cannot proceed to the next question and your whole application cannot be submitted. Moreover, there is a time frame given to complete your Singapore PR application. If you cannot complete within the given time frame, your whole application will be voided.

At Immigration Solutions, we will complete all these questions and handle the entire application for you.


3. Correct Compulsory Documents

A lot of people make mistakes in the compilation of documents during their Singapore PR application. For instance, applicants mix up their Statement of Account with Notice of Assessment for their income tax documentation, resulting in the rejection of their application.

Most applicants also forget to translate their non-English documents into English, causing their permanent resident application to be rejected as well.

At Immigration Solutions, we ensure your chances of success by preparing and checking all of your forms and documents, such that they comply with the ICA accepted standards.


4. Essential Additional Documents

It is not just about how you blend in, but also how you stand out.

There are plenty of applicants with better qualifications, higher salary or even younger than you. If you submit your Singapore PR application similarly like the rest, how are you going to convince the officials to approve yours?

At Immigration Solutions, we help you prepare a list of essential additional documents to increase your chances of approval in your permanent resident application.


5. Immigration Cover Letter

We do not just handle the processing. We improve your approval chances.

There is no face-to-face interview included during a Singapore PR application. The ICA officers will base your approval or rejection solely on the documents that you submit.

At Immigration Solutions, we help you stand out from thousands of other applicants with a personalised immigration cover letter.

This letter is not the same as the cover letter you write for your job application. For example, instead of saying what you hope to get from Singapore – scholarship, job, property – you need to focus on what you can give to the country.

Acquire PR Status in Singapore

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